No binaries are currently available.

Source Code

If you're brave and want to try compiling Sonatina for yourself, the source code is available in a few Git repositories. You'll need both Sonatina itself and its only external dependency, SonatinaTag. Grab SonatinaTag from the GitHub repo linked there, and then you can grab Sonatina like so (I'll probably eventually move Sonatina to GitHub too, but for now, its hosted here):

git clone git://

Once you have that, you should be able to compile SonatinaTag, copy it to your /Library/Frameworks directory (or change the references in the Sonatina Xcode project) and then build Sonatina itself.

Note: Xcode will automatically build the CoreAudioPlayer plugin and embed it into your built The project files do not build FLACPlayer by default, and do not attempt to embed it into